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Private Cloud

Private Secure Cloud is a hosting platform designed for those who demand high security and availability. The infrastructure is located in some of Sweden’s safest data centers to protect your business-critical assets and create the best conditions for your business.

Compliant Cloud

Manage your business card data? Then you must comply with PCI DSS. Compliant Cloud is a private cloud delivery that helps you quickly reach PCI DSS Standard.

The solution combines high security, regulatory compliance with the cloud’s cost advantages and flexibility. Simplify your PCI DSS challenge by placing your IT environment in our PCI DSS Hosting platform.

Custom Cloud

The world is moving fast, innovative organizations and companies at the forefront require infrastructure and operations that ensure accessibility, flexibility and high security while the regulatory requirements continue to increase.

Public Cloud

Good architecture and cost-effective set-up in AWS.

Complior is there to help you throughout the journey from pre-study to full establishment in AWS.


Cost effective

Cut costs, save time and resources. When you place your IT environment with Complior, you only pay for what you use. And the cloud platform is scalable as you grow.

Security in Sweden

Your business critical data is stored in some of the most secure data centers in Sweden. Your data never leaves the country – so you don’t need to worry about CLOUD Act.

PCI DSS compliance

Placing your IT environment in a PCI DSS certified platform helps you meet the regulatory requirements for your business. It’s a fast track towards PCI compliance.

Trusted advisor

We are not just your supplier, we are your adviser and partner who helps you to comply with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO27001.


The world is moving fast, innovative organizations and companies at the forefront require infrastructure and operations that ensure accessibility, flexibility and high security while the regulatory requirements continue to increase.

We are there to make it easier and safer for you as a customer to meet the requirements, whether it be PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR or your own high security and accessibility goals. Our knowledge bank with experience and safety awareness is something we always share, so you have the best conditions for a safe operating environment.

Cloud offerings are made with a focus on accessibility, scalability and high security, where we together create a custom architecture for your specific requirements and purposes.

Complior is responsible for providing a secure platform for your business-critical services, we are your IT department that takes care of your operations, so that you can concentrate on precisely developing your service and retaining market-leading position.

You always choose the level of service you want from us, from a total commitment where we take full responsibility for your operations, to a clean infrastructure delivery where you take care of the rest.

Our technical platform is certified according to PCI DSS Level-1 and ISO approved.



Protect your web applications with behavior analysis and traffic monitoring. An application firewall (WAF) analyzes the logic, behaviors and patterns of traffic towards your application. It not only detects known attacks but also prevents unknowns through traffic analysis.

data centers

Disaster protected data centers in Sweden. The data centers are physically separated, with enterprise grade hardware and a fully redundant architecture.


Strong standardized monitoring systems combined with custom-made baselines for each customer to ensure efficient incident management. We make sure that the right measures are performed 24/7/365.


Log management

Simplify the operations of your application and make sure that you always have the answers to questions like what happened, and when? Central logging facilitates reporting and secures traceability in your systems. This helps you comply with PCI DSS and GDPR.

HSM Services

Want a protective shield around your data and applications? Encrypt your sensitive data using our HSM (Hardware Security Module) services. Cryptographic processing provides you with high security, while saving you hardware costs.

File integrity monitoring

File integrity monitoring Track file change events across your systems. System integrity is vital for availability, security and compliance. FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) helps you detect files that have been altered, compromised, updated or tampered with. This facilitates compliance with the requirements in regulatory standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA

Secure Server

Our cloud solutions are built with secure servers to ensure high availability and security.



99,9% availability guaranteed. Our standard is to always use techniques such as load balancing, replication, cluster software and common sense to make sure your systems are available. Not only will it protect you against unplanned downtime, but also ease up the daily operational tasks such as software updates and restarts.

Load balancing

Increase availability and minimise downtime. Load balancing improves distribution of network and application traffic, and optimises resource use.


Our technical specialists can ensure that your operational platform is working around the clock and running as efficiently as possible.

Data protection

Data protection measures keeps your data is protected, while ensuring high performance and high availability. We hold ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS certifications.

Managed services

Focus on your core business and let us do the rest! Complior offers OS management, Database management and Managed procedure.

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