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Carina Lönn

photo of Carina Lonn

Name: Carina Lönn

Position: Finance Manager

Years in the Industry: I’ve been working in finance for about 20 years, Complior is my first employer in the technology sector. Prior to joining Complior I worked in retail and in the media industry. 

Years with Complior: 8 Year

What are your primary responsibilities?

I handle everything related to finance and HR. From sending invoices to our customers, balancing accounts, budgeting and setting up employment contracts. It’s the variety that makes my work so much fun.

What is the best part of working with Complior clients?

Part of my role is to support my co-workers and I am glad to be a part of striving to always put the customer first. We pride ourselves with our short response time and high quality service at Complior.

In your opinion what is the most important thing about data security today?

It was not that long ago that data security was something that, for people like me, the IT department took care of. It was usually a simple task like a password change now and then. Nowadays everyone, both as an employee and in our personal life, needs to have an awareness about cyber security. Cyber crime continues to increase and more regulations come into effect every year. Everyone needs to have at least basic knowledge of how this affects them. For example, GDPR has been a real confusion among my colleagues in finance and HR.

Lastly, what sets Complior apart from its competitors?

Our high level of competent staff with our deep knowledge of compliance. Every customer is assigned a service manager and we always see to each customer’s unique situation and needs.

Let’s get Personal!

Favourite thing about Sweden:

I love that you can ski up north in the winter and swim at our amazing sandy beaches on the west coast in the summer. I think Stockholm has one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos.

Favourite food:

I like a good barbecue with a glass of red wine.

When you’re not in the Complior office, you are:

I have three great kids, my youngest is 7 months and my oldest 10 years old, so I spend most of my time with my family. We love to travel, do sports or just hang out at home playing board games. I like to exercise and I sometimes compete in triathlons so swimming, biking and running are my favourites. 

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