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Ronnie Johansson

photo of Ronnie Johannson

Name: Ronnie Johansson

Position: Sales Manager

Years in the Industry: 21 Years

Years with Complior: 1 Year

What are your primary responsibilities?

To create the right conditions and focus to meet the high expectations and the level of service our customers deserve, and continually  strive to improve and learn.

What is the best part of working with Complior clients?

Working with customers and projects that impose high knowledge requirements and problem solving. Being able to offer a service that relieves stress and helps customers with something that otherwise is very complex, uses  internal resources and incurs high costs. Being an advisor and offering services that are more than “Nice to have”, something that gives direct added value to customers.

In your opinion what is the most important thing about data security today?

I strongly believe in the connection between man and machine. But relying on security to be achieved solely through sophisticated systems and architecture is false security. Every day different types of data breaches occur where personal data or important information involuntarily leaves its owner. Achieving a secure environment requires strong collaboration between developers, infrastructure, administrators and end users. Human intuition and scrutiny has to be a natural layer of security.

Lastly, what sets Complior apart from its competitors?

Complior provides each client with a a personal service manager who handles daily questions and requests. If the customer complies with standards such as PCI DSS, we take a very high responsibility for that  customer’s compliance. It is precisely this that distinguishes us, our responsibility, personal service and deep knowledge of compliance.

Let’s get Personal!

Favourite thing about Sweden:

Seasons, archipelago and water.

Favourite food:

Depends on the season. Each season has its own delicacies like dishes made from moose and reindeer during hunting season and in the summer, plenty of fish and seafood favourites. 

When you’re not in the Complior office, you are: almost always out with my daughter on some adventure, otherwise you’ll find me on my boat. 

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