‘Tis the Season for Cyber Hacking

Over $1 Trillion dollars will be spent in the US and more than £2 Billion in the UK over the holidays with 46%, or almost half of these sales occurring online. While businesses love this, know this and spend most of the year preparing for this, holiday shopping also means something else. A much greater risk for getting hacked!

While organizations are busy running promotions and fulfilling orders, hackers are like kids in a candy store throughout the festive season. All that credit card information flowing into the deep, dark web each and every second accessible on countless websites. Below are some stats you need to know so you can triple checking your cloud hosting, data protection and information management systems

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds

In the two to three minutes it takes you to read this article, six businesses have been hacked! How’s that for perspective?

62% of businesses experienced phishing and attacks in 2018

While you may already be PCI DSS and GDPR compliant there are also other vulnerabilities. Some come from files shared within organizations. Phishing can also stem from oblivious employees that can create an opening for a hacker. All of these need to be considered to ensure you have protected your business. 

43% of cyber attacks target small business

More than half of hackers focus on small to medium sized businesses knowing that many haven’t allocated appropriate resources to cyber security, or haven’t prioritized it as a real threat through their inception and growth.

Half a billion personal records were stolen in 2018 by hackers

That’s a jump of 126% over the previous year. With more transactions occurring on mobile and more businesses optimizing to meet consumer demands, there is a significant rise in the amount and detail of personal information online. 

$3.9 million is the average cost of a data breach

While this is a significant cost more important is the reputation and impact on brand. Consumers already hesitate when ordering online from a new business. For small and medium sized businesses, a security breach can mean the beginning of the end. 

“There are three types of business: those that have been hacked, those that are going to get hacked and those that are being hacked RIGHT NOW.”

In today’s world it is not a matter of if you will be hacked, it is a matter of when. Taking the appropriate security measures including preparing and practicing security breach protocols are a need-to-have not nice-to-have. Especially over the holidays when ecommerce sales are expected to rise 13.2%.

This holiday season, the Complior team wants to know – not what your seasonal offers are, or what new product you have launched – but what extra security measures have you taken to protect your business and your customers? Contact us to evaluate your vulnerabilities, ensure all systems and protocols are up to date, and your most vital data is safely secured on a cloud platform. All that’s left is to kick back and enjoy the holidays! Ho-Ho-Ho