Att utforma en policy är för det mesta tidskrävande och omfattande. Det finns en del som man bör tänka på när man ska ta fram en informationssäkerhetspolicy.

Checklist: 7 Questions to ask potential hosting providers

When selecting a reliable, trusted PCI DSS cloud-hosting provider it is critical to understand and investigate the seven main areas outlined below so you can partner with confidence.  

Doing your research and understanding your options, the potential hidden costs, depth of security available and level of customer service provided allows you to select a cloud-hosting provider for the long-term. You can focus on growing your business knowing you’re up to PCI DSS standards and your data, as well as your client’s personal information, is protected.

DOWNLOAD the easy to use chart below that allows you to directly compare Complior with any other cloud-hosting providers you’re researching.

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