Complior is your cloud hosting provider with focus on Operation & Compliance

Secure framework for IT Operations - from the start.

We have a long history of secure IT operation against industries with high regulatory requirements such as payment card industry (PCI-DSS), Life Science (GCP), personal data management (GDPR).

We have taken that experience and knowledge with us to create a ready-made delivery model, which is both secure from the start, and suitable for both your development and business-critical systems.

We know that the daily work with maintenance, monitoring and reporting is as important as safe technical solutions. 

Complior offers a model for IT operations based on ISO27001 and PCI-DSS, which gives you security and full transparency.

We deliver all our services with a local team from our data centers in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We benefit from a very direct and strong relationship with the experts. This makes resolution times shorter than with other providers.”

Cloud Hosting

We deliver a secure and private environment for your applications and data through our PCI DSS certified platform, always from secure data centers in Sweden.

  • Private Environment
  • High security from the start
  • Availability through our data centers in Sweden
  • Fully or partially managed service

Managed Services

Managed Services, where we take responsibility for the functions and processes of your technical systems and applications.

  • Managed service – On call
  • Managed service – Premium
  • Managed service – Compliance

Comply with regulations and standards from the start

We deliver a secure and private environment for your applications and data through our PCI DSS certified platform, always from secure data centers in Sweden.

Together with our framework for IT operations, you meet requirements within GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO27001 and GcP from the start.

  • Yearly PCI DSS certified to Level-1 Service Provider
  • GCP (Good Clinical Practice) qualified
  • Meets requirements within GDPR
  • All our services are delivered through our data centers in Sweden

HSM as a Service

Protect your organization’s cryptographic keys in an HSM. An HSM protects your keys and performs operations so that no one can access the key without permission, the key cannot be stolen in your systems, the key never leaves its storage.

This helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO27001 and encryption of personal data, GDPR.

  • You don’t need to invest in hardware and knowledge
  • Support 24/7 365 days a year
  • High availability through our data centers in Sweden
  • We help you get started protecting your data

Data Protection (KMS) as a Service

Data protection as a service. Protect your organization’s data sources. A central place for overview and configuration of your protection. Quick and easy activation of protection for your assets.

  • Central management of your data protection
  • Data never leaves your environment
  • Encryption of the highest standard
  • Flexible APIs and clients to easily get started

Security above all

Privacy and security is important key elements in our business, so you will never share your servers or firewalls with other clients. 

We will always provide a private environment for high security and flexibility – and all our delivered from our datacenter in Stockholm.

We are experts on compliance and certified to safeguard business critical data. 

For us security is higher than everything else – but we want to deliver it with out breaking your budget.