Tailor made cloud hosting to fit your needs

Companies around the world need an IT infrastructure to work. However, having a basic ‘off the shelf’ infrastructure is often not enough to meet the specific needs, challenges and requirements of companies.

Complior offers customized cloud services tailored to your specific needs.

Our cloud solutions provide the greatest in high availability and capacity, high security, flexibility and scalability.

Complior’s bespoke cloud services have helped companies in many different industries overcome the challenges in their industry

What are the challenges for your business?

CO-Location: Place your hardware in some of the most secure data centers in Sweden.

Hybrid IT: Hybrid IT gives you the best of the public cloud and private cloud.

Scalability: At Complior, we can adjust your capacity to your needs of the day and easily scale our infrastructure services to tailor our solutions specifically for you. We will ensure that our secure cloud services meet your requirements, both during periods of low utilization and periods of unexpected traffic spikes,so that your IT environment always delivers.