Complior changes CEO

On October 1st, 2021, Jörgen Svanlind will formally take over as CEO of Complior AB. Svanlind is the CEO and main owner of Hiberion Group AB, Complior’s parent company, and Chairman of the Board of Complior.

Complior’s current CEO, Christer Nilsson, will continue to be involved with Complior as a partner and board member.

The CEO change will allow Nilsson to focus more on Complior’s sister company Replior AB, where he has doubled as CEO since 2019. Replior is a SaaS company operating in Life Science with a complete software suite for clinical trials.

Svanlind has a broad experience in IT operations and telecom, including a long-standing involvement with the telecom operator IP-Only.

For further information about the CEO change, please contact

Carina Lönn, CFO.

Phone: +46 73 24 24 22


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