We live as we teach

Complior must have a strong focus on compliance and information security in order to be perceived as the most secure IT service provider in the Nordic region. We have a Management System in place to ensure that we conduct our business and it’s operations in a controlled manner with regards to Quality, Information Security and Environment, and in accordance with applicable best practices and defined standards as well as legal requirements. 

Effective security, as well as continuous improvement, is a team effort involving the participation and support of all personnel using the processes and whom they affect. It is the responsibility of every employee to know these guidelines, and to conduct their activities accordingly. 

To be able to continuously improve it is imperative that the business and its processes and procedures are constantly evaluated with regards to Quality, Information Security and Environment. It is vital that the management team leads by example in terms of adhering to the policies and providing input to the management system in order to convince all staff to contribute in a similar manner. The management system must be an integral part of the business’s day-to-day operation. 

The management system is presented to all employees to acquaint them with the company’s policies at the start of their employment and all included policies and procedures are considered mandatory and applicable to the entire staff during the full term of the employment. All employees must annually reconfirm that they have read and understood the policies. 

All employees are expected to contribute to the continuous development of the management system by suggesting improvements, reporting deviations and participating in announced events.

Quality objectives

Our quality objectives should be communicated and be made available, to all interested parties.

  • We aim to provide services with the highest possible availability.
  • We aim to provide our services with a quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
  • We believe that good customer relations and high customer satisfaction are crucial to the continued success of our business because our customers are our most important partners.
  • We shall continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our services and be receptive to feedback from our customers.

Security objectives

Our security objectives should be communicated, and be made available, to all interested parties.

  • IT Security is fundamental to our business and is a key factor for us to be successful in our focus markets.
  • Our ability to have a unique offering is contingent on us being perceived as security experts who deliver secure, compliant services.
  • Internal communication and knowledge sharing is an important factor in ensuring that our staff has a high level of awareness.
  • We conduct regular follow-ups to ascertain the minimum required security level of our office IT devices.

Environmental objectives

Our environmental objectives should be communicated, and be made available, to all interested parties.

  • Supplier assessment, including environmental aspects, is mandatory prior to any type of collaboration.
  • Deviation from supplier assessment with regards to environmental aspects is only permissible following a formally documented management team decision.
  • All IT hardware suppliers should adhere to environmental standards, such as, but not limited to: Energy Star, Epeat
  • Recycling shall be prioritized and facilitated in all possible ways.
  • We should use our environmental policy as part of our marketing.
  • We shall, to the extent possible, influence customers, partners, suppliers and competitors to prioritize environmental issues.
  • We shall continuously evaluate and work to improve our environmental work and reduce our environmental footprint.