Backup Microsoft365

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Did you know...

Do you know that Microsoft365 doesn’t have backup and restore capabilities? Have you lost data in Microsoft365? It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re backing up your data in Microsoft365.

We help companies and organizations to backup their data in Microsoft365, which gives the security to always be able to restore your data in the event of accidental deletion or other data loss.

6 Important Reasons
to Backup Microsoft365

Many companies today have adopted a cloud strategy that includes Microsoft365 services from Microsoft to meet employees’ needs for email and communication. Organizations see the benefits of not having to administer and manage their own servers and infrastructure, and to offer an easy way for their employees to collaborate and share documents via cloud.

When your organization joins Microsoft365, it is easy to get the impression that everything is taken care of by Microsoft. Microsoft takes great responsibility for a lot in its offerings and provides a good service for its customers.

But Microsoft’s primary focus is on managing the Microsoft365 infrastructure to maintain availability for its customers.

You have the full responsibility for your own data. The misconception that Microsoft backs up your complete information is quite common and can have very serious consequences if this responsibility is not noticed by you as a customer.

We offer a secure, easy and cost-effective way for you to back up your data in Microsoft365.