HSM stands for Hardware Security Module, and is a very secure dedicated hardware for securely storing cryptographic keys. It securely stores and manages cryptographic keys that are instrumental in ensuring the highest level of physical security for your applications.

Protect sensitive data with our HSM as a service

An HSM helps you secure your most valuable data by storing your encryption keys in a dedicated hardware. You get access to 2 completely private HSM units that are fully mirrored between geographically separated data centers, to ensure high security and accessibility. Your keys are always stored in Sweden.

HSM Benefits

Highest security level possible

Cryptographic processing provides you with the highest security possible for your sensitive information. The HSM Services are hosted in Complior’s PCI DSS certified platform.

You control the crypto keys

Complior operates the HSM appliances but has no access to your keys or your sensitive data, enabling security of the highest standard.

An HSM saves you time & cost

Encrypt your data with Complior’s fully redundant HSM Service instead of investing and operating infrastructure, licenses, support and knowledge for your HSM appliances.

Easy integration

You can connect your applications directly from your data center or other supplier’s service to the HSM. Or, run your applications on our Compliance Platform for increased flexibility and performance.

We offer several HSM services:

General Purpose HSM as a Service

The General Purpose HSM is a hardened and tamper-resistant device that gives companies an extra hardware security shield around their business critical applications, such as databases, PKIs and application servers. It is used for secure cryptographic processing, encryption, key generation, key protection and verification.

Our General Purpose HSM as a Service is used to:

Payment HSM as a Service

A Payment HSM is a dedicated secure hardware module for the payment card industry. The purpose of a payment HSM is transaction authorisation and card personalisation.

Payment HSM as a Service allows you to: